Know Snow Accuracy!

Know Snow Accuracy!

How accurate has Know Snow been so far this year? Take a look! We’ve had a total of 3 snow events that have impacted school, and here are the stats… Looks like some improvement needs to be made for Greenwich, Stamford, and Westport! Not an easy year so far. Overall though, not too bad. Last year Know Snow ended with 87% accuracy… Hopefully that will be beaten this year!


School Closing Call (12 AM update):

School Closing Call (12 AM update):

I CRINGE posting this… SO MUCH uncertainty with this storm in terms of timing, intensity, and authoritative decisions on the part of each town and superintendents. With that said though, MOST schools should close tomorrow. If they do not, don’t be surprised. There’s also the chance that if they do not, an early dismissal will be implemented. Take this lightly, and conservatively. One of the hardest calls I’ve had to make. Keep your fingers crossed!